Prof. Sergio Canavero, MD

The neurosurgeon who designed the world's first head transplant.


Bus manufacturer offering innovative transportation solutions.

Final Educational Institutions

Turkey's leading brand with a modern and rational approach to education.

Davut Air Flight School

The brand has been a symbol of trust in flight training.

Kampüs Cafe-Pub

Much more than "any other place". Welcome to the campus.

Selçuk University SELÇUKSEM

Selcuk University, one of the biggest educational institutions.

Davut Panel Industry Inc.

Industry-leading brand that produces Polyurethane Sandwich Panels.

Davut Marble / Davut Group

A unique brand that reinterprets natural stones with style and elegance.

Ketçi Ice Cream

Of course from the milk of their own goats.

New Project

Our brand new project that we are continuing to work on.